You’re never alone if you’re a Bosh Runner

When they discover Bosh Run a lot of people ask what does Bosh actually mean? What makes Bosh Run different from other running sites like Fetch, running clubs, Runners World and even the Marathon Talk site. What is so special and unique about Bosh.

Bosh are typical of the running community . We connect through our shared passion for the sport, both on and off line. There’s no entry requirements and no expectations. I believe Bosh are the park run of the online running world, driven by a passion for running, uncontrived, authentic and not fuelled by any other agenda but a love of the sport and a desire to share that enthusiasm.

The name evolved from a word to fulfill a run: “just Boshed a 10 miler on the trails.” Bosh is an identity and Bosh Runners share their experiences online. The Bosh website (insert website address) has become almost a Facebook for runners.

So it’s not an online running club, it’s not about pace or records or club championships, neither is it a repository of race information or even a coaching site. It’s much simpler than that. Bosh Run is a supportive eclectic mix of runners who just love running – anything from a mile to 100 miles. It’s about taking joy in your own achievements and those of others – it’s a social club for runners, our own running community that has attracted over 2500 members and is growing by the week. We now have members all over the UK, Europe and as far afield as China!

For most of the time, running, and most certainly training, is a solitary sport. It means getting up at strange times to exert your body into action, waking up whilst the other half or the kids are asleep to face the elements outside. If you have just begun your journey into running, you’ll have some trepidation as to how far you’ll go, what time you’ll do it in, whether you are wearing the right kit. How many layers have I got? Have I bought the right trainers? Because of the isolation, the run is personal. It’s not a team sport. It’s an individual journey to your goal – charity, fitness, time – all count as one.

At the Bosh Run website people post runs, discuss training, have a laugh, and indulge in some fantastic banter. People lay their emotions on the line, there is tragic news about injuries, resting – not one post gets ignored.

Everyone is encouraging, helping, assisting – providing a virtual pat on the back or pick-me-up if you are down.

Bosh has attracted a wide mix of people too – experienced runners giving fantastic advice, new runners sharing their stories, occasionally helping people with advice on how to fit in the all-important long run around family life.

Bosh is a real running family. We may be virtual, but we runners are buzzing people, we’re always looking for the next challenge, not just talking about the run. We meet up at races and tackle challenges together. Through one simple light blue sweatband, a Bosh top and a raw bark of “Bosh!” You’re immediately part of the group.

You can travel down to meet the Bosh gang pre-race to calm nerves, and we split into pace groups so you always have a running buddy. Afterwards we meet up to tell our race stories.

We also look after family supporters. We set up Bosh HQs where the other parent and children or extended family can meet and watch the race together. After all, waiting for mum or dad or your loved one to pass can make it a very long day. As well as looking after the support crew the HQs give peace of mind to the runner knowing his or her supporters are in an organized place and are safely being looked after.

Our finest moment to date was 350+ runners at the recent Brighton Marathon – all in Bosh Run T shirts and sweatbands. We had runners of all abilities in all pens including the new elite pens. We had over 10 Bosh HQs (cheering points) en route, the biggest one being at mile 20. It was amazing. The only rule was that when you encountered or passed a fellow Bosher you had to shout “BOSH” at the top of your voice and where possible high five . This was hilarious. I started from the elite pen, which meant I encountered all 350 as the course looped back on itself. The runners surrounding me just could not believe it! I grinned and high fived my way round the 26.2 mile course to a 17minute PB. I have such fond memories of that race, not for just for the PB, but more because I was running with an army of friends knowing what ever happened support was just minutes away.

In running, motivation and encouragement is paramount. Post run, tell people how it went and the next time you go out – I assure you – that instead of being isolated, you’ll be running with around 2500 other people going through the same thing. This for me, is Bosh, this is the unique feeling that I take into every run. So whether you are new or been with us from the start, or are about to join, you’ll enjoy your time with Bosh Run – you’ll never be alone again, you’ll always have someone there to help.

Keep waving at those runners who cross you – you never know who might be wearing a Bosh band the next time you’re out!

United we Run – United we Bosh

Scott Goodwin founder of Bosh Run