“Ashmei Socks” By Bosh member Rob Gaddie

Hope I am not too late but I thought I would offer up a wee bit of running advice what with all these spring marathons looming large.

I rarely wang on about running gear as I have a mixed bag of brands and items, but I have to say you need the following in your life and in your cupboard. Socks in a word.

Never seen and certainly not a fashion statement but come on people you need to swathe those feet in something nice and luxurious and they will look after you what ever your distance.
I am a recent convert to merino socks. Yes I know what you are thinking … Too fancy, expensive, what a load of old crap but honestly.

I have tried loads from the std well known tick brand, mono skins, twin skins, paw print ones…

But I have found my brand of choice. An unashamed plug yes but come on guys hands up who wants to know about blister free socks regardless of What you put them through. Mud, water, snow.

A cool wash and they keep coming back for more.

I am talking about ‘Ashmei’ A cool brand doing some really lovely things.

I promise you …buy a single pair and you will be back for their 3 pack in no time.

Pricey yes but come on how often do we take care of our feet – shoes maybe but rarely the socks.

I implore you.