Race reports

Mizuno Endure 24

It has been a while now since the Mizuno endure24 race and I have finished recovering and trying all the goodies they gave us so I thought I should write up my event, so grab yourself a cuppa some cake and a seat and settle in for a bit of...Read More »

Mizuno Endure 24

Race report by Ange Elshaw

Endure 24 

Keith mentioned that Scott Goodwin, our BOSH’father was looking to get a team together for Endure24 – never heard of it, but he said it was like the ‘Thunder Run’ only 5 mile loops.  My first thought was that nothing could beat my experience of...Read More »

Round Ripon ultra 5th October 2013 by UltraJacqui

6 October 2013 at 16:22

Race Day finally dawned, dry and mild. Fried egg and veggie sausage sandwich for breakfast, Ian picked me up at 8 and off we set. Low key friendly atmosphere in village hall, some poor girl got stuck in the loo for about 15 minutes but that...Read More »

Dukeries Ultra race report by UltraJacqui

Registration for the 40 mile runners started at 7am in a local sports/social hall. Mostly men doing this distance so no queuing for the ladies loo at all! Great friendly atmosphere which I was very glad of being up there on my own. The 30 milers started an hour...Read More »



2,500ft Elevation



Arriving at Steyning School in good time, myself and fellow Bosh Runner Andy make our way to the registration desk inside. After a small queue we collect numbers 150 and 151 for Andy. No chip tags today, just old fashioned write down our numbers at the aid stations. I...Read More »

Brighton Half Marathon by Bosh Member Luke Ashton

Brighton Half Marathon

Being a Brightonian, I only have to cross the road, and walk down the steps to the sea front, that is the start. Today is my 2nd Brighton Half and it has 50 or so Bosh-Run members running or spectating. I think we should be part...Read More »

Meon Valley Plod 21 miles by Bosh Member Keith Elshaw

Meon Valley Plod 21 miles 10/02/2013 10:30 start

The weather forecast was not good, but we are hard core GRR’s we are not fair weather runners, so 15 of us turned up for the Meon Valley Plod on a cold, wet Sunday in February. I had not done this race before...Read More »

Portsmouth Waterside Marathon 2012 by UltraLuke


07:45 Today is my 10th Marathon, and the last of 2012. At the Pyramid Swimming Centre, I make my way to the registration desk. It is dark and a breezy 11c. I am number 28 today.

I help myself to some Cliff Bar samples. Paul from Ultra Tales E-magazine, calls my...Read More »

Run to the Beat 2012 Race Report by Lee Maxwell

Run to the Beat 2012

An early start as I had a long drive into London town with 2 sleepy children and an equally sleepy wife and wanted to get in before the traffic started. So a good clear journey of an hour was the perfect start, no hassle, no real...Read More »

IcemanDan's Beachy Head 2012 Race Report

By Dan Aubrey
Well what can i say apart from that this was the toughest run i have ever done. I got there at 07:30 and got out of the car, it was Baltic conditions with a biting wind. I registered asap and i ran back to the car to...Read More »

Beachy Head Marathon 2012 - Race Report by UltraLuke


Walking downhill to the Beachy Head Marathon, whilst mum parks the car. I wonder why did I signed up for this? I am not even trained for 3,400ft climbs! Lack of sleep, just finishing a night shift yesterday, I am tired already.

Number 47 today. The weather out is cold with...Read More »

RunLiverpool Marathon 2012 Race Report

By Luke Ashton

RunLiverpool Marathon 


After plenty water and a breakfast of Oats, Hemp, Pea Protein, banana and an Avocado I think we set to grease up our feet and tape up our toes! My partner Sunday is running his first...Read More »