Doing Intervals on a Garmin Forerunner 110

It has sometimes come up that folks would like to record Interval sessions on their Garmin Forerunner 110s – alas the Garmin 110 does not have an Interval timer, but all is not lost!

A) You can quite easily do distance based Intervals by changing the Auto Lap™ distance to your Interval length or part thereof.


1 Mile/1 Mile Intervals => Set auto-lap to 1 Mile, run 1 mile, walk/jog 1 mile.
1 Mile/800m Intervals => Set auto-lap to 0.5 mile, run TWO laps, walk/jog ONE.

[Change the Auto Lap™ distance in the Menu, Auto Lap option]

Don’t forget to change the Auto Lap™ back to your preferred lap distance when you’re done!

B) You can record free-form Intervals by simply pressing the LAP button manually at the start of each lap/interval/repeat. This works for when you’re using the environment to set your interval/repeat lengths. Your recorded trace will have the laps you manually marked.

[Note. You should ensure the Auto Lap™ distance is set longer than any of the Intervals you want to manually record otherwise they may be split up].


Hill Repeats => Hit LAP, sprint up the hill, hit LAP, run down, repeat until too shagged to continue.
Fartlek => Hit LAP every time you start a new pace.