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    iPhone 7: LTE modem from Qualcomm offers better performance than the Intel model
    Holger Eilhard on 20/10/2016 at 21:10
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    When iPhone 7 Apple is the first time a two-track road in the LTE modem. Some models are others equipped with Qualcomm chips with Intel Modems. A recent test certifies the Qualcomm variants now better values.

    iPhone 7: LTE modem from Qualcomm offers better performance than the Intel model
    Depending on the country and selected mobile operator offers Apple iPhone 7 models with two different LTE modems. The tests of Cellular Insights compare the Intel versions A1778 ( iPhone 7 ) and A1784 ( iPhone 7 Plus ) and the corresponding Qualcomm variants A1660 and A1661.

    The Intel iPhone provides GSM, WCDMA and LTE support, while the Qualcomm variants with GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and LTE are compatible. A list of LTE bands and associated frequencies Apple offers on its own website. As is evident from this list, Apple sold in Germany only the models A1778 and A1784, which are equipped with the Intel chips.

    Specifically installed Apple Intel XMM7360 and Qualcomm modem MDM9645M. Cellular Insights tested two iPhone Plus models, each with the currently latest iOS 10.0.3, with the different modems in three different LTE bands: Band 4, Band 7 and band 12th

    Volume 4 occurs most frequently in the United States for use, is used during band 7 in many other countries. Volume 12 is operating in the 700 MHz range and therefore allows better penetration of walls, for example in buildings. It is therefore often the only signal remaining, reaching the smartphone.

    As the following graphs show, the results are very similar in all four bands. The x-axis begins with a strong signal of -85dBm and ends at -130 dBm and a very faint signal. The y-axis shows the throughput achieved in each case.

    Image: Cellular Insights
    Image: Cellular Insights
    All graphics can be seen that the Intel modem much earlier – has recorded at -105 to -110dBm, partly drastic performance degradation.
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    In all tests, the Qualcomm solution could clearly positioned in front of the Intel modems.

    iPhone 8: These 10 features must provide Apple
    GIGA Bilderstrecke
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    Comparison with the Android competition

    Cellular Insights went one step further and also tested various Android smartphones, including Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge, LG and Nexus G5 5X. Even a iPhone 6s tested.

    iphone 7

    In tested here Volume 4 here the Samsung model could (significantly partly) dissociate from the competition:

    Image: Cellular Insights
    Image: Cellular Insights
    Why Apple has chosen to use two different modems in iPhone 7, is unknown. In particular, the comparison with the competition shows that Apple still has room for improvement in mobile communications.

    The full report with all the technical details, including the test-used components can at Cellular Insights be found.

    Source: Cellular Insights

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