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    iPhone 7: KI chipset in Apple smartphone?
    by Olaf bleaching , Benedict Plass-Flessenkämper
    20.10.2016, 16:35 Slumber in iPhone 7 will admit more than Apple? Technology experts have discovered a previously unknown Universal circuit inside the smartphone.
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    iPhone 7 Plus © Apple
    iPhone 7, here in the Plus version: Is there more in it than meets the eye?
    D em business magazine Forbes , according to it is at the previously unknown chipset to a Field Programmable Gate Array, in English “Field Programmable Gate Array” ( FPGA ). This , according to Chip Works produced by Lattice Semiconductor chipset is preferably used for acceleration of AI-based applications.
    Unusual piece of silicone
    It is the first time that such a universal circuit was built into an iPhone. Kevin Krewell, principal analyst at Tirias Research , commented the discovery therefore skeptical: “It is strange. Apple usually pays attention to every piece of silicone. A programmable chip means additional costs. “According doubted Krewell that universal circuit is accidentally ended up in the device.
    Statement by Apple stays out
    Rather, he believed that Apple has the FPGA for previously unannounced features in the iPhone 7 installed. For the analyst, it could be explained by extra features for detecting health values ​​or even to augmented reality features. Apple previously did not comment yet on the newly discovered chipset.
    Top smartphones: Mobile Phone News 2016
    Apple iPhone 7 © AppleApple iPhone 7 Plus © AppleSamsung Galaxy Note 7 © COMPUTER BILD65 Mobile Phones The most important new devices
    Universal circuits in other smartphones
    It remains to be seen what role will play the FPGA. It is clear that universal circuits are a rarity in smartphones. Such chipsets were built about the Samsung Galaxy S5 from the year, 2014. But the South Korean technology giant never announced the chipset to officially and left him in the following model Galaxy S6 gone. Maybe Apple wants to surprise the competition with new, based on the chipset features?
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