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    The majority of Malaysians have accounts in Maybank, but many do not have Maybank2u online accounts and do not enjoy the facilities provided.

    It’s a pity if we do not use this facility for free completely.

    Among the main Maybank2u facilities are:

    Money transfer
    Check your account balance
    Bill payment (phone, tnb, water, door tax, tax, etc.)
    Savings to Tabung Haji & ASNB
    There are many more facilities offered, just the list above is the activities most often done by my normal users.

    In the context of Public Gold, the advantages of using this Maybank2u facility are as follows:

    Buy Gold GAP – Public Gold is the only gold selling company that sells online through 24 hours online. So, with Maybank2u, you can buy gold and make payments at any time.
    Pay invoice – All invoices must be paid either using online transfer, cash deposit machine or bank counter. By using online transfers, you’ll save time, cost & security as well as more secure without going out of home to make payments
    Buyback – Every gold you resell to Public Gold, cash payments will be deposited into your account within 1 business day compared to other banks.
    Receipts – Each payment transaction can be reprinted at any time and repeatedly if the situation requires rather than a receipt on a cash machine that is easily damaged, lost and lost in ink. The worst if after making a payment on the machine, the receipts will not come out immediately.
    Therefore, I strongly recommend opening Maybank2u account for your own convenience.

    As a guide, follow the steps below to open your Maybank2u account.

    PART I

    To open this Maybank2u account, start going to any Maybank ATM machine.

    Enter your Maybank ATM card & select a language
    Pin 01.jpg

    2. Enter your 6-digit pin card

    Pin 02.jpg

    3. Select MAYBANK2U / Phone Banking / ATM SMS Alerts

    Pin 03

    4. Select “MAYBANK2U PASSWORD”

    Pin 04

    5. Enter the 6-digit pin of your choice (for convenience, insert the same pin as your card’s ATM pin).

    Pin 05

    Enter the same 6 digits again for confirmation and wait for the receipt.

    Completed registration at ATM. Connect to PART II anyway.


    Go to either on your computer, tab or in your smartphone and click “Login”. You will be taken to the following view. Next click “First Time Login?”
    1st time Login 01

    2. Click “Continue”, see the short video for security purposes first. After that the continue button will appear. Click continue & answer 2 easy questions like in the picture and click “check”. If your answer is correct, click “continue” on the congratulations view.

    1st time Login 02

    1st time Login 03

    1st time Login 04

    3. Next, in this view enter “Access No” & “Pin”

    Access No = no maybank bank card (16-digit) on the front of the card

    Pin = no Pin you made at ATM machine in Part I

    Tick ​​the small box at the bottom and click “Agree & Continue”

    1st time Login 05

    4. Next screen, choose the type of image and type the name of the image according to your taste as a security measure during login. Then click submit

    1st time Login 06

    5. Choose the 3 security questions you want with answers. Then click Submit

    1st time Login 07

    6. Next view shows the name you choose with security question. If satisfied with your choice just click on submit.

    1st time Login 08


    After completing all the steps above. You need to go to Maybank branch to enable TAC (Transaction Authorization Code) . You need to fill out a form and enter the phone number that will be used for your TAS maybank2u.

    Fill out the form and when no. Your glitch is called. Give your identity card for security purposes and your fingerprint will be coordinated with your identity card only if your TAC is successfully registered.

    With TAC maybank2u you can now make money online transactions.

    What is TAC?

    Whenever you do business involving money withdrawals, you need to click the TAC request no. To confirm the transaction.

    No TAC will be sent via sms to your mobile phone, inserted into the space on the maybank2u site then your transaction will be fully successful.

    Each TAC number is different each time you do an online banking activity, so Online Banking is safe as long as your username, password and mobile phone are not stolen.

    TIPS :

    If you always make a transfer transaction to the same account no such as child account, business, bill, etc., follow the steps below so you do not have to ask TAC no every time you want to make a transaction.

    Login to your Maybank2u account. Click “Account & Banking”
    Manage Transfer 00

    2. Click “Transfer” in the left menu, & at the bottom, “Manage My Favorite Transfer” – click 3rd Party Transfer

    Manage Transfer 01

    3. Klik “add”

    Manage Transfer 02

    4. Enter the Account Holder & Account Name & click Continue

    Manage Transfer 04

    5. Click “Request for TAC”, wait a while so no TAC is sent to SMS. Enter in the box and click “Confirm”

    Manage Transfer 05

    6. No account & account holder name will be saved and for the next transfer transaction, you just have to select the ticker account you want to transfer without requiring TAC again.

    Manage Transfer 06.jpg

    Congratulations because you now have a Maybank2u account that will make it easier for your sale and purchase with Public Gold as well as for other transactions.

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