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    YouTube: How to create your MP3 files from YouTube videos
    Download songs for free

    by Maurice ballein
    On October 17, 2016 at 17:44
    With just a few hand movements, you can create MP3 files from YouTube videos and save them to your Windows PC or Mac. This step-by-step guide shows how to use your web browser with just a few clicks.

    On the largest video portal YouTube you will find an almost endless range of clips in every conceivable category. This includes, of course, musical contributions, documentaries or radio plays. You are not necessarily dependent on an Internet connection and can also archive the videos in the form of MP3 files on your PC.

    How to do this with your web browser, we will show you in the following steps of this tutorial. Who the entire store YouTube video on their Windows PC or Mac wants place at a separate place appropriate guidance on net world.


    If you convert a YouTube video or corresponding audio track into an MP3 file and then download it, you are moving into a legal horror, as copyrighted material is also uploaded by third parties. However, the creation of a private audio copy via YouTube is not illegal, since YouTube is definitely not an illegal source. YouTube is not intended to download content via GTC, but consent is not required for watching the videos. Nevertheless, we expressly point out that we accept no liability for the steps shown.
    Step 1 – Copy and paste YouTube URL

     Seek out first the desired YouTube video from which the MP3 file to be converted and then copied out the full URL of the video [ Image 1 ].

     Now open the website and adds the previously copied address under “Video URL” a [ picture 2 ].

     Click the completion of Step 1 “Continue” [ Figure 3 ]. If a new tab is opened automatically, you will close it again.

    Upload YouTube videos
    Upload YouTube videos Upload YouTube videos YouTube
    Step 2 – Download YouTube video as an MP3 file

     chosen for optimal audio quality, the maximum video resolution [ image 1 ] and then clicks underneath “conversion format” to “MP3” [ Figure 2 ].

     Optional her set a checkmark on “Use ID3 v2 tags” [ Figure 2 ] to adjust the wording of the artist, title and album [ Figure 3 ]. Click your “Start” [ Figure 4 ], the download of the MP3 file will be prepared [ Figure 5 ].

     the button “Download” [ Figure 6 ] it stores the video in the form of an MP3 file on your hard drive eventually. You will find this in the download target of your web browser.

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