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    A trick to download the audio from a youtube video

    2/17/2016Written by Santiago Moll 22 comments
    Today I’m going to teach you a trick to download the audio of any youtube video that you will love. And because? Because it is useful, simple, fast and, above all, free.

    With the trick that I’m going to teach you will be able to download the audio so you can enjoy it anywhere and on any device without the need to be connected to the internet.

    Do you want to download all the music you want to always have it? If so, I will not entertain you any longer and I will give way to the writing of the article.

    to download

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    How to download the audio from a youtube video totally free and in a few seconds.

    As you know, YouTube is a website where users can upload and share their videos. The growth of youtube in recent years has been spectacular and the figures regarding the number of videos uploaded to the platform and the time that a person passes in front of this channel does not stop growing day after day.

    That is why, the more you know about this platform, the more game you can take.

    The star of youtube: the music.

    You will agree with me that the main protagonist of youtube is still music, they are still the songs. To this day music on YouTube is the most sought after resource and the most number of visualizations have.

    If as you are fond of listening to songs on youtube, surely at some point you have wondered how to download only music to enjoy it without having to be on the platform of youtube.

    Well, there is a very simple way to download the audio you want from youtube.

    Steps to download audio from a youtube video.

    If you want to download an audio from youtube in MP3 or MP4 format you just have to follow these steps:

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    1. Go to youtube channel .

    2. Search for a video.

    3. Select the link that appears in the upper bar of your browser.… .. (example)

    4. When you have selected the link, all you have to do is remove the last three letters of the word youtube , that is, the letters ube that appear in the link.

    Http: // / watch? V = … .. (example)

    The link after removing the three letters ube would look like this:… .. (example)

    When you remove the three letters of the word youtube from the link, it will redirect

    What to do when you are on

    When you access the site you have to remove the last three letters of the word youtube as you have done previously. Then you can choose to download the audio in MP3 or MP4.

    When you have selected the format, you just have to give the blue bar that you will find under the video and start downloading the audio of the youtube video that you have chosen.

    What are the advantages of this youtube stunt?

    As you can imagine, the advantages of being able to download an audio are several, but the most outstanding is the possibility that gives you the ability to listen to music from any device without the need to be connected to the internet.

    Here I leave you a videotutorial that I have made expressly for this article:

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