Mizuno Endure 24


So, How are the team doing so far? Well, a few of us are marathon ready. Steve and I are doing the Brighton Marathon this weekend. Training has been and bit up and down for both of us, we do struggle with knocks and niggles but we will make it to the start line.

Kev has been doing the training with Nikki, she is going to Vienna to run the marathon there (very nice!) So, they are both marathon ready too.

Meranda is heading down to London to run the marathon before getting ready to run “The Wall”  a 69 mile run along the route of Hadrians Wall! This takes place a week before Endure 24 so that should be a piece of cake in comparison!

Davina has been struggling to make time for running because of work commitments but she is injury free and hopes to ramp up the training soon.

Ange is just coming back from injury so she is treading carefully before ramping up the training.

Jen is pregnant. So her life has been turned upside down since she signed up for this race. She is still running, albeit slowly (for her) and hopes to stay around the 5 mile mark between now and the end of June. As a team we will make sure her safety, and the safety of her baby is of paramount importance. She will not be running at night during Endure 24 and we may send a chaperone round with her on the runs she does do.

A few of us did a similar run last year so we have an idea of what we need to work on for training. We hope to meet up once or twice as a team, prior to the weekend, to go on some group training runs, and we need to get together to decide on our kit list, running and camping!

We have all received our free shoes (courtesy Mizuno running UK) so we are all going out and trying them with various degrees of success!

Please feel free to comment on this blog with any ideas for improvement, training, kit etc or E mail me at keithelshaw@msn.com

Happy running!