Mizuno Endure 24

Training update

Well training in the past few months has been interesting, I upped my speed/hills/interval sessions in the leadup to Malta Half in February, however my terrible habit of bending my right leg under me when sat at my desk at work all day caused me to have a dodgy pelvis (or Dodgy Elvis as predictive text likes to say). The pelvis slipped and manifested itself in horrible hip pain. Much sports massage and physio later got me through Malta, and then continued work on the core stability muscles and I’m as good as new  …and not sitting on my leg anymore…and training reconvened.

Next throw a big audit and the long hours that come with it into the mix and my recent training has been sporadic to say the least. Now though audit as near as dammit over and so ye-hah, back to regular running.  I train with my local running club and Tuesdays tends to be speed/hills/intervals – the tough stuff. Thursdays is a set distance, say, six miles at marathon/half marathon pace. Then Saturdays is a lovely 2 hour longer run. Time to chat and just welcome the weekend in.

Last year my challenge was 13x13in13 (13 halfs over the year) but it turned out to be 14 as I had a spare and considered it rude not to go when I had entered. With that I maintained a nice ‘tick over’ fitness. This year I have the Endure 24 which will be a new beast. No more “just me” to think of, but the team as a whole.

I know there will be some real hares in the team, and I am a tortoise, however we all have allowable weaknesses and mine is that I will never be a hare. I will however always finish what I start and support everyone else as they run, whether on our team or others. This supportiveness was so evident at Brighton Marathon last weekend, with the Boshers being vocal, encouraging and baffling anyone around who had never heard of Bosh before. I was asked so many times what on earth is Bosh – is it a charity? is it a sect? is it a family? …well yes, it is the latter. One big family of people who just look out for each other and carry each other along vocally no matter whether front, mid or back of the pack. It’s the way running should be.

So, back to training, and realising I shouldn’t be carb loading this far in advance of the end of June. So off to run club tonight to reacquaint my trainers with the asphalt of Portsmouth. The evenings are lighter,  more routes are usable. So here’s to renewed mileage and Endure 24 getting nearer.