Mizuno Endure 24

Training update

Coming back from injury (constantly coming back from injury)!

Having had orthotics fitted in October 2013, I was advised to build up to running, and then build the mileage up slowly thereafter.

So, had them fitted on the Monday 21st October and that weekend decided to run a marathon in them, and a hilly marathon at that (Snowdon)!

I do listen to advise (rarely), which is probably why I am injured lots, but having been told I shouldn’t do something somehow it just doesn’t compute, or am I just stubborn.

Snowdon just about finished me off though and I have had to back off and start again, I am currently back up to 5-6 miles pain free and so frustrated as really want to do more.

My aim is to build up as slowly as my patience will allow to 10 miles (as my longest run) and tick over at this distance; Endure24 will allow me to do more mileage than that but steadily over a 24 hour period, so it should give me a sound base in preparation for the start of marathon training again for Bournemouth in October.

I set myself the goal of running 10 marathons and no more…..

So far I have done 7:
2011 – Brighton & New Forest
2012 – Brighton & Edinburgh
2013 – Brighton, London & Snowden
2014 – Bournemouth (only)
2015 – Brighton & back to conquer Snowdon again!

SO that’s the 10, some done and others already in the calendar…. but someone asked me only Sunday if I fancied Portsmouth Coastal this year which would make 11, and who stops at a silly number like 11!

Angela Elshaw