Mizuno Endure 24

Team introductions.

Fat Keithkeith 1Ok, I’ll start. My name is Keith. I started running in 2009 to try to lose weight. I started off by walking for about an hour at a time. I then started to put in a couple of runs, between lampposts. I think I was doing the age old mistake of running to quickly though. But, I persevered. I tried building up the distance, trying to run for longer each time. When I got to the point of running about 2 miles I was talked into joining a running club by a friend. When I went along to Gosport Road Runners for the first time, I thought I would be laughed out of town. I couldn’t’ have been more wrong. I was taken under the wing of “Len” the beginners group leader and we went out for a run. I couldn’t believe how slow it was! But that night was the first time I ever ran 3 miles. There was no turning back now. I was hooked. I came home in sucj=h a high I demanded that my wife join me next time. She took a bit more persuading but after a couple of weeks of nagging eventually she came along too, and we haven’t looked back since. We are runners now. It’s what we do. Two or three evenings a week, and pretty much every weekend is taken up by running.

I was talked in to running the Great South Run that first year and I got such a buzz out of it I immediately set my sights on a half marathon in 2010. I did 3.

I then set my sights on a marathon in 2011. I did 3

And four more in 2012

And 5 in 2013 including my first ultra-marathon the 31 mile Salisbury 54321.

I never would have believed when I started in 2009 that I would be capable of running a marathon. I am not the quickest person around, but I’m not the thinnest or the youngest either. I run because I want too and because I can. I don’t chase PB’s anymore, I got loads when I was losing weight and improving, now I pick my races for the enjoyment factor. The camaraderie at events is brilliant. You make friends with people you only see once a month dressed in lycra! I cant imagine a life without running now. I hope to continue for as long as I can. We have people at our club running very well in their 70’s! That will do for me.