Mizuno Endure 24

Well what can i say i have had an amazing few weeks, firstly the London Marathon, what an experience that was! The atmosphere was fantastic, the weather perfect and the cheeky glass of champagne at mile 3 unexpected. All in all a day to remember. Next up Judgement Day, an obstacle race in its inaugural year, never listen when you are told run through the puddle ” its not that deep!”  Yes you guessed it at under half a mile in i was covered from head to toe in mud and water, all in all a fab day and many fears overcome in the confidence course. Last but definetly not least a parachute jump with a few of my running friends, how can anyone say running is not fun and sociable. Well my feet are now firmly back on the ground and training for Mizuno endure 24 with team Bosh is upping a gear cant wait.

Meranda Winter