Mizuno Endure 24

Training Update

In the lead up to Endure24 I must say that what was worrying me most was the point that up until now I would only run 3-4 times a week, and with at least one rest day between runs. Well of course on *the day* we’ll be doing the loops, so rather than after running, ┬ámy body relaxing, and just doing the proverbial brushing off of hands and “well that’s it for another day” it’ll need to run more than once in the same day.
So the last two weeks have been an education for my body. Last week I ran 4 days in a row and made each run at least 5 miles long. Then a day off before my long Saturday run. It felt all fine and dandy and I raised an eyebrow at the fact that it wasn’t so bad afterall not having rest days between each run. So this week I have taken it a step further, I wondered if I could do it this….so I ran 5 miles Tuesday evening, then 5 miles early Wednesday morning and another 5 Wednesday evening….so 3 lots in 24 hours (well, 26 hours but who’s counting!)…and it was fine.
The first run was with the run club a nice flat route and I took it easy and lazily, chatting all the way. The second run was on my own and a good undulating country lane course, I worked hard on that one as I had to get back home for work. The third run I did the same route as the morning, and although it felt bloomin hard, and I walked a couple of bits, I really shocked myself by only being 49 seconds slower than the morning….result!
So now I have proven to myself that I *can* run more than once in a day I have more confidence, and the fact that I wasn’t disastrously slower each time added even more smiles. Tonight I’ll do another training run, but it will be a chatty club one again. It’ll then be out with the team for a training run on Saturday which will be splendid to meet up with the other runners who I’ll share that 24 hours in June with.


Endure 24 Team photo. (minus Jen who was in Turkey!)

Endure crew