Mizuno Endure 24

mizuno-wave-hayate-1-940x520Thanks to the generous people at Mizuno, we have been given the Mizuno Wave Hayate (the official shoe of Endure 24)  to try. First impresssions are that it is a very stylish shoe, and wouldnt look out of place on the feet of the young, hip kids I see hanging around macdonalds! But this is a trail shoe so I thought  i’d best give it a run round a forest and get it dirty. So I did.

On further inspection, and as soon as I put it on, I realised that this is a less cushioned shoe than what I am used to. Being a heavy set runner, with dodgy knees, I do need a lot of cushioning. The Hayate offers little, with the emphasis desinged for the more fleet of foot, lighter runner.

I was 2 miles into my run when I felt a slight niggle under the arch of my foot. They are really comfy, and look very good, its just that I dont think they will suit my style of running for anything over 3 miles.

Keith Elshaw