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Mizuno Wave Hayte

 I received the shoe the week before my London 2 Brighton 62 mile ultra marathon. This put me in an awkward predicament! I had no time to break it in. So like any maverick runner would do, I packed them anyway.

 The morning of the race was wet. When I say wet…I mean monsoon. Basically last years entire rain fall on May last year fell in one day.

 The start of the London 2 Brighton is mainly road before you meet the trail about 15 miles in. This is where, like a formula one team and to make a design of tread. After much deliberation with my crew (my mate). I opted to run the first half in the Wave Sayonara. The beauty of this race was that your bag was taken to the halfway checkpoint at mile 31. I decided to save the Hayte for the second half which was going to be trail…WET MUDDY trails.

 This isn’t a review for the Sayonara BUT can I just say I coped with some serious mud and more than held its own against the all out trail shoes. However, I was like Bambi on ice towards the later parts as the rain fell and the mud got deeper.

 At the 31 mile check point I had a change of clothes, socks and the brand new pair of Hayte waiting for their maiden run. This was a massive gamble. Not only was I myself venturing into the unknown having never run an ultra or above 26.2 miles. I was taking a brand new pair of trails shoe straight from the box and going to wear them for the first time for 31miles of bad trail. For those of you that have run an ultra in the worst conditions imaginable, by halfway you really don’t care about anything so not giving any further thought the new treads were on.

 We set off back in the rain and my first thought was “wow these are so comfy and dry” and they somehow seem to stayed dry. This is due to a protective covering over the forefoot area. Not completely, your toe box still breaths but cleverly positioned to keep the water getting in as you brush past long grass and splash in shallow puddles. The shoes also seemed to be well cushioned and were a very very comfy ride too. The grip was pitched just right. They coped very well on muddy paths but were very comfy when we hit country roads.

 All in all they were a very good all round shoe. BEST of all, I ran 62miles in the wet and finished without one single rub, blemish or blister on my feet. A superb trail shoe that does exactly what it has set out to do. Well done Mizuno and yet another little gem.


  Pros :-

 Multi terrain shoe that can cope with trails and road

 Good cushioned stable shoe that will suit all running styles

 It has some form of protection shield around the front lower part of toe box. This prevents water ingress BUT allows water to escape and the trainer to dry whilst running.

 A hardy shoe that will last and last.


 Cons :-

 I am used to minimal shoes so found it a bit rigid and to supportive for my PERSONAL style. (I am a lighter forefoot striking runner)

 The Design – It’s just missing a Spiderman symbol on the side. Not to my taste. Mizuno have some lovely looking trainers. This is not one of them.

 A bit heavy for me.


 Verdict :-

 If you want a multi terrain hardy shoe or only want to invest in a ‘one shoe does all then look no further. This shoe I would say is perfect for the intermediate runners or newbies to trail and ultra running. The more experienced runners will prefer bespoke trainers to match the conditions (all out Fell, all out trail or Road).


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