Mizuno Endure 24

pregnantRace report by Jennifer Desmoulins.

Purbrook Ladies 5 Miles 1/6/2014

At nearly 7 months pregnant, I have significantly decreased my running distances and pace. I aim to do some sort of activity 3 times per week; alternating between running, walking and swimming.

However, a local 5 mile ladies race was the perfect event to enter to make sure I could run the required 5 miles for the upcoming Endure24. I entered on the day and was very nervous about even completing the event as I hadn’t ran more than 4ish miles in months. However, I was determined. Upon starting, I immediately got a sharp cramp within the first 1/2 mile in my abdomen and made the quick but disheartening decision to turn back and stop. My partner, who was running as my companion ‘lady’, turned back with me and we started walking back towards the start. As soon as it came on, the cramp stopped. We made the decision to carry on with the race from the point and just to take the whole route very, very slowly and easily. We slowly caught up with and passed the back runners and a few others. We took the route very steady and walked up all the hills and has intermittent walking breaks. I felt wonderful by the time I hit 3ish miles. We finished the race (not last!) and I was very proud that I was able to run the distance.

Things I’ve learned from Sunday’s race whilst running very pregnant:


Start slowly to warm up! (I think this is why I got a cramp)

There is no shame in walking hills

There is also no shame in walking!

There is no shame weeing in the bushes 

Pregnancy and lycra are not a good mix