Mizuno Endure 24

Shoe review by Angela Elshaw

Well they arrived looking very snazzy! 

Welcome feet to the Mizuno Wave Hayate Trail running shoes courtesy of Mizuno for the Ensure24 Run24 event .

 Keith my better half and our teams organiser decided that it was the ideal time to get the whole Bosh/Endure 24 team together (prior to Kevs explosive appendix) and so we all met up at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, for their Park Run.

 They are a narrow fit but I like to feel secure in a pair of trainers, so found them very comfortable, if not a little flat for me, but gave them a go.

 You start on a hill at this Park Run which was nice of the organisers, but I still managed to do the run in just over ½ hour and it’s a tad undulating (don’t you just hate that word)!

My tendons and ankles hate hills, and as the trainers seemed fairly minimal, I seemed to lack any spring or bounce to be able to use the trainers to support my right leg and push forward (having no right calf muscle I need a fair bit of cushioning), so really struggled with them if I am honest, which is such a huge shame as they are really comfy and look great.

 At the end of the Park Run I wasn’t able to continue to do a bigger loop as wearing them aggravated my ankles which were quite sore, so I had to settle for coffee and cake in the café and waited for the others to return.  Most returned and seemed happy with the trainers overall.

My verdict is Mizuno are awesome, their shoes look and feel great but would suit a younger more spritely athlete – not really a description ever used for describing me!  Again, I had both my tendons lengthened at 17, the surgery went wrong, resulting in not having any right calf muscle, and I have to ensure I wear very supportive, cushioned trainers with orthotics …. I am totally injury prone and been told so many times to stop.  But never listen as I love running (steadily).

 I will certainly try them again for at least one loop of the Endure24 or switch to the other Mizuno Sayonara trainers supplied by Mizuno but put my orthotics in regardless and strap my ankle for support, but I fully appreciate being given the opportunity to be part of such a great event, and have the opportunity to try-out the latest Mizuno shoes – bring it on because I just can’t wait!