Mizuno Endure 24

I have been in a bit of a “no mans land” for a couple of weeks. I took a bit of time off to recover from my ultra marathon, then I have been a bit busy at work, and now I am tapering for my next marathon (the Southdowns Marathon) which is a week before Endure 24. So I haven’t done much running for a few weeks. I have been ticking over, but the main problem is that I have not been doing yoga for a few weeks and I feel really stiff. I have also let slip my hip strengthening and stretching exercises. They were working very well, but If you are not running you tend to let slip the other stuff that you have to do to maintain your running. Not everyone has to do this, some people are lucky and can just concentrate on the running, I am not that lucky! I have to stretch and build strength too. So I have 10 days before my next marathon, time to get working. As long as I get through that OK I should be OK for Endure 24.

The plan is to go up on the Friday, set up camp in the VIP area (ooh get me!) have a nice relaxing evening on Friday, maybe walk the course, and then get a good night’s sleep. Our team is meeting up this Saturday where we hopefully sort out a running order and then we can plan our rest times, meal plans, kit changes etc.

I have seen a video of the course and it doesn’t look too challenging so the only worry really is the 24 hour bit, but a few of us did a similar run last year so we know what to expect and we will help the first timers in our team.

I haven’t done a night training run this year but Ange and I have invested in a couple of good head torches and we have run at night before so we should be OK.

As, Jennifer is 7 months pregnant, we have taken the decision to recruit a chaperone for her. Rachel Gee will run with Jen. We felt it was only right and proper to make sure Jen was not on her own at any time. We will also not allow her to run at night. The organisers have been very helpful in allowing us to do this and we thank Run24 for their understanding.

So, on the whole, I am really looking forward to this event. It should be great fun. I don’t think our team will trouble the leader board but we will keep going for the whole 24 hours!!

Keith Elshaw