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Mizuno Wave Inspire shoe review 

It all started back in 2011 when I went to the local running shop to get some proper running trainers. After the lady in the shop checked my knees, feet and gate she bought out 3 different shoes. Nike, Adidas and Mizuno. After a little run in each and not really knowing what I preferred I took the advise of the shop assistant and went for the Mizuno, plus I thought they made me look like a proper runner! 

Since that day I have owned 3 pairs of Mizuno wave inspire and I will soon be making it 4. They have carried me through 3 marathons and all the training that goes with it without even a hint of trouble. 

I have found the shoe light weight and supportive with a spacious toe area. There is plenty of cushioning as it is designed to be used for long distance. I did have shin splints when I first started running, but as soon as I wore the Mizunos it went away and never came back. 

The only down side is that the price keeps going up every year and the design is starting to get a bit garish for my liking but once you get some mud on them no one will know.

 Pete Phillipson



Having now tried my mizuno trail trainers I found them a very good fit but to flat for me, five miles will be my max in running in them due to not much cushioning. Many thanks 

Nikki White