Mizuno Endure 24

4 Days to go.

With four days to go before team Bosh Run take on the Mizuno Endure 24 race, we have all had things to contend with, be that injury, illness or just lack of mojo! all runners go through these things from time to time but we stick at it and we will be there on Friday ready to set up camp for the weekend and give it our best shot. We are all very much looking forward to what should be a cracking weekend!

So, how are we fairing? Well, Pregnant Jennifer has just come down with a cold, so she is currently trying to fight that off, Ange has had a problem with shin splints and a dodgy ankle, so she is currently nursing her way back to fitness. The same with Nikki and Steve, they have both been struggling with niggly leg injuries but hopefully they will be OK at the weekend. Kev has recovered from his appendix operation and is ready to either support Jennifer on her laps, or become a full member of the team again if anything happens to anyone. I struggled on the Southdowns marathon last week, the heat really took it out of me, so I am hoping to have recovered enough by the weekend. Pete has come in to the team and is fine and raring to go. Meranda is looking forward to the socialising aspect more than the running but that is the norm with her!! Davina is looking forward to the running but not the camping! Davina is our diva and “doesnt do camping”

So, we would like to thatnk Scott and Fiona for all their hard work in getting this team together and helping us all the way through and Mizuno running UK for giving us this oportunity and being so very generous and allowing us V.I.P access.

We will see you all on Friday.

Keith Elshaw, Team Bosh Bloggers