Mizuno Endure 24

Endure 24 Race report

Mizuno Endure 24  done. What a fantastic weekend.  From the start we were made very welcome by Mizuno with vip camping, we were in the thick of it. When setting up camp we were given goody bags with all sorts of stuff,  running clothes, cups and pens, then we were supplied with wrist bands so we could get food and drinks! we were being well looked after.  Camp was now set up and ready, we could chill with a beer watching everyone turning up and getting sorted. It soon started to get busy. We all went and had a walk of the route, the route was undulating with a mixture of trail, shingle and soft mud. We didnt walk all of the route, saving some for later and little Reggie (My Dog) was getting tired. Back to camp for dinner and ok another beer. It was here at last!  

Saturday morning up early taking the atmosphere in, there were tents going up, runners warming, up music playing, it was very well organised. The place was buzzing. Pete was first to start the Bosh Bloggers off just after 12.00. Endure 24 had started. It had just started to rain the black clouds were on their way over, rain means mud, I couldnt be happier! Pete had a storming first lap 37 mins as he handed over the yellow band to me I flew off then regretted it when I got to the first hill!  It didnt look to bad untill you had to run it it was a lung buster!  I knew once I conquered the hill it was then into the wood. Then the heavens opened it was great! I was soaking wet and muddy, what more could you ask for? 

The route was  tough with some cheeky hills, the hardest bit for me was coming back into camp it, was leg sapping!  but the finish was in sight my first lap done with a time I was very pleased with 43 mins, happy days. Handing over to Davaina endraunce was well under way. Wishing now I hadn’t sat down, with my hamstring really sore it had got very stiff. I was concerned, knowing I had another two laps yet. The Bosh Bloggers were great, it was challenging for us all not matter what running abilities we had and the course was just getting tougher as the rain kept coming, with it getting mudder making it so much harder to keep your balance we were sliding all over the place!

Second lap on pete handed to me again feeling very sore and stiff I took the first couple miles a lot steadier just hoping to get round. I was loving it but had doubts about making another lap, feeling every step cursing my legs, I did finish in a better time then I thought I would, not wanting to let my team members down. Team members were doing great Ange was storming, knowing how much she loves these runs, Pete wasnt ready for her at the change over as she came flying in!  Everyone was doing so well!

I had to pull out after my second lap in quite a bit off pain, so feeling even more gulity that my hubby had to run my leg for me. I was very proud of him only having surgery 5 weeks ago! He wasnt even meant to run! and he boshed out 20 miles! get in there!  All I could do was sit and watch my team members surging on each of them starting to feel it.  Keith having just ran a marathon,  Ange with her ankle, Kev not at full fitness,  Steve with a groin strain before the start, Davaina,  Pete and Meranda all looking good but tiredness was setting in.

In all 26 laps where completed it was tough but I loved it . Massive thankyou to my Bosh Bloggers team for your hard running and fab weekend, and a even bigger thankyou to Mizuno, Scott Goodwin and Fiona Bugler for organising it for us, we had a fantastic time and will be back next year.

Nikki White