Mizuno Endure 24

Race report by Kev White

Well, its Friday. The day we were leaving to set up camp for endure 24. We all met in a layby to go up in convoy for the hour and a half drive and finally we were there. As we pulled into the site all we could see were the mizuno tents. Keith went and spoke to one of the organizers  who told us where to set up camp so we all set up our accommodation, sat down and had a beer. When Rob brought our goody bags over we were all very pleased with what we got, then later on we walked some off the route. We then got told we had free food, a hog roast and free beer on the saturday! (music to my ears)  so we just chilled for the rest of the night  ready for twelve o’clock  on Saturday.

It was pete to go first, he had a good first run,  then he passed on to my wife ( nikki ) she came back saying she loved it, then on to davina. She enjoyed it aswell then it was my turn. I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t done any running for 5 weeks due to having my appendix out! we carried on through the running order we arranged and nikki came back after her second lap at 8 o’clock saying her hamstring was hurting  so come 2 in the morning I ran nikkis lap then passed on to davinna then back to me again for another lap.  That was me done after 4 laps.  Having wore my trail trainers they felt very flat  ( I prefer abit of cushion  ) but I had plenty of grip in the mud which was a good thing in those conditions, back to the running. Merrander and davinna had to go early so pete did a double lap to rap it up. In total as a team we ran 26 laps,  I think we are all happy with that  ( go bosh bloggers! ) and well done to the other Bosh group who won their mixed group team!

Overall I thought the whole Mizuno event was very well organised and I for one will definitely be doing it again. Thank you very much to Fiona bugler and Scott Goodwin for organising it.