Mizuno Endure 24

Race report by Ange Elshaw

Endure 24 

Keith mentioned that Scott Goodwin, our BOSH’father was looking to get a team together for Endure24 – never heard of it, but he said it was like the ‘Thunder Run’ only 5 mile loops.  My first thought was that nothing could beat my experience of the ‘Thunder Run’ as I had really enjoyed it – but I was wrong, this event from start to finish has been absolutely brilliant and it’s definitely on my ‘gotta do that baby again’ list! 

A number of us arrived on site Friday afternoon to be met by ‘Mizuno Rob’, who showed us where to camp, explained about the event, and handed us even more goodies, including food vouchers, t-shirts, socks and much more etc. this was on top of the trainers Mizuno had supplied our team prior to the event in order for us to road/trail test and blog and obviously brag about. Very generous, totally unexpected, but very much appreciated. 

Our mixed team was of 8 runners was made up of BOSH’ers of varying abilities and by Saturday morning we were all set up, relaxed and waiting for the off!   

We had camped alongside the epic Mizuno Bloggers who later ran and won the mixed team of 5 category – Huge congratulations guys & gals you deserved it for all your planning, determination, and of course running that many laps too! 

Personally, events like Endure 24, just go to show that anyone can run – it’s a safe environment, plenty of runners of all shapes, sizes, and ages. The camaraderie is brilliant, everyone is so friendly and for me being told ‘well done’ by a solo runner on their god knows how many laps is just humbling; and I have to say that for one brief moment whilst resting in between my laps, I actually thought I could do this Solo…!  

 Midday(ish) the race started and our first runner Pete got off to a flying start. We were ticking over nicely with my first run getting closer at 7pm. We all ran well and enjoyed ourselves, and Kev did well considering he was just coming back from an appendectomy only 4 weeks earlier and stepping into the breach due to Jennifer being both heavily pregnant and poorly. We missed you Jen, but health and baby first, you made the right decision.

 My main aim for the whole event had been to just get round, and don’t break anything, with only having run 3-4 milers for weeks due to injury….I had banked on being around an hour per lap, but by the time I did my first run the weather had closed in and it was a bit of a mudfest, (happy days)! I also did well and surprised Pete getting back under the hour.

 My next run was 1am and I decided to stay up chatting to the rest of the team when in hindsight I should have rested and eaten properly, but hey-ho. This run was a totally different experience, Ihad looked forward to this run all day, my head torch was great, the mud was deeper, thicker, and much slippier, so you had to go carefully; but it was much cooler to run in so all in all I had another fab run, and again Pete was only just pulling his jumper over his head as I passed him the yellow band (slacker)!

 My third and final run was the following morning and again after my last run I had to hose myself down of mud before trying to sleep, but I wasn’t tired and so got little sleep. I had also only nibbled on bits of food, so my final run was slightly more difficult. The sun put its hat on for me, again the run was a different experience, it became very humid with steam rising from the wet, muddy ground and some areas being enclosed meant it was toasty too. But final lap done – YAY!

 All in all, our team rocked! Keith, Nikki, Kev, Pete, Davina, Meranda and Steve – we didn’t go to win we went to enjoy ourselves and I don’t think we were too shabby with 26 laps in 24 hours; but oh boy it was a blast!  I have no real ill effects that a good sports massage with thumbs and elbows can’t sort and I’m ready for the next challenge…I will definitely be back for more next year without a doubt.

 I wanted to say a huge, no MAHOOSIVE thanks to Endure24 (Run24) for putting on a well-planned, brilliantly organised friendly event, where every marshall was lovely, chatty and made it obvious that they wanted and enjoyed being there too.

 To all at Mizuno for the opportunity and generosity shown to us throughout. Rob, and the Mizuno team on site made us feel very welcome and looked after us over the 2 days, even when they were running a team themselves and must have been bushed. Last but not least to Scott Goodwin, our ‘BOSH’ father, and to Fiona Bugler for inviting us to get involved. I can honestly say I was honored, and I know we all loved every minute of it. Congrats again on your win, and see you next year when you go back to defend the title!

 Ange Elshaw

Bosh Blogger.