Mizuno Endure 24


Next team member Meranda Winter 

I started running just under a year ago regularly and it has quickly become a big part of my life. 

It has been said that my training methods can be a bit erratic my first run was the Great South Run in 2012 when I said never again, that was until I was reminded I was running Manchester Marathon by my brother the week before the event was taking place.  ( it could be said I started to taper too soon )Well what can I say I did it I ran walked and crossed the finish line, …it wasn’t pretty but the sense of satisfaction was great.  I got the confidence up to go to Portsmouth Joggers and joined in the beginners group and haven’t looked back. Since then I’ve taken part in a number of half marathons and 10ks I just don’t seem to have the word no in my vocabulary when it comes to races. 

If anyone had told me 12 months ago I would be signing up to do a 24 hour event I would have looked at them as though they were mad…what a difference 12 months can make I have met some fantastic people through running and my confidence has soared. All I can say is bring on Endure 24.