Mizuno Endure 24

DSC03502Next Team member Angela Elshaw.

Gosh I was fat and unfit and the time had come (after reaching 40 yrs old) to get myself fitter and more active – who’d have thought running would be where I was lead?

 I had surgery to lengthen my Achilles tendons when I was 17 and they made the mistake of cutting too high into the muscle in my right leg, leaving me with no calf muscle.  My left leg therefore does all the work and I have plenty of down time with injuries exacerbated by my lopsided style of running.

 Having been told I shouldn’t be running at all, I have so far totally ignored these comments and keep going – trying to enjoy each and every minute of it whilst I can.   I love the fact that I get the biggest cheers at the end of an event as most runners have already finished by the time I get there – I still get the bling and feel that huge sense of achievement the same as anyone else.

 I run to stay fit and try to maintain my weight; to visit lots of different places, to meet like minded people and as the kids say to talk about nothing but “running, running, running, running!”

 I am really looking forward to Endure24 with a great team, and appreciate being given the opportunity to be sponsored by Mizuno, all made possible by the legend that is Mr Bosh -Scott Goodwin and Fiona Bugle for pulling it all together – Bring it on!