Mizuno Endure 24

jen bosh

Jennifer Desmoulins.

I started running (albeit very slowly!) when I moved from America to England 5 years ago. I was unfit and didn’t know a soul, so I decided to take both by joining a local running club. For the first couple of years, I was slow, short distance social plodder, but I have since fallen in love with marathons and trail running. As a mother of 3, running provides me with an outlet and ‘me’ time, and it ensures I remain sane! I have met the most wonderful people within the running community and call many of them close friends.
I am currently pregnant, due in September, and although I’ve slowed down massively, I hope to continue running throughout the pregnancy. I’m finding it difficult, but am determined to maintain sone fitness levels and be a contributing team member for Team Bosh!