Mizuno Endure 24

Davina_and_MerandaAnd the final member of Team Bosh for Endure 24, Davina Glading. (on the left)

Hmmm, so I guess I am not the natural “runners runner”, I am 48, a wife, Mum of one, work full time, overweight and never take much in my life seriously – but throw skin cancer into the equation 5 years ago and suddenly I felt that my days needed more life in them.  
After my “3 year clear”, in March 2011, I realised I needed to do something other than drinking G&Ts and remaining in my sedately lifestyle so I entered the ballot for the Royal Parks half on a whim and also the Great South Run….October was ions away.  

Fast forward a few months and reality set in, I should get moving. So I joined my local run club and never looked back, they took me from barely being able to run between lamp-posts to where I am now.
So in the interim 3 years now I have run 25 half marathons, 1 full marathon, 3 ten mile races and numerous other distances (and also for luck throw in a foot operation for Moreton’s Neuroma). I am always in the last quarter of participants to finish, I love to chat. I never listen to music when running, I much prefer to interact with other runners and supporters.

To me, running is “me time”, I am not Mum, wife, boss….I am “Davina”. Whatever I do is down purely to my effort, I can’t talk my way faster, it is all down to training and effort.
For the Endure 24 I will be in a new situation with running several laps in the day, usually when I finish running I quaff my coconut water and chocolate milk and sink into a bath of bubbles, now though I will be supporting everyone else and my own needs will be pushed to one side as I support the teams as they run. I really can’t wait to do this race and know that I need to keep my humour as well as perform my best.