Nathan Speed 2 Belt

On recommendations from several people I decided to try the Nathan Speed 2 belt. Previous hydration belts I tried had uniformly failed to impress me, with dubious build quality, uncomfortable fitting, and a propensity to lose grip on the water bottle and fling it into the undergrowth at the least opportune times.

The Nathan Belt comprises a back pocket, tiny front pocket and holders for two smallish ( 10oz / 300ml ) water bottles (supplied) on a nice wide belt.


Bottle (Click to Enlarge)

The belt fastens with a wide velcro strip, with no other adjustments offered or required. I purchased the belt in ‘Small’ and in retrospect ‘Medium’ would have given me a bit more play, but my waist is in range of ‘Small’ – just!

Wearing the belt is very comfortable, and feels secure without getting in the way. The water bottles are nestled just behind the hips and are barely noticeable, yet they’re surprising easy to take out and put back whilst in motion. The Bottle holders are very effective – in about 10 months of use I have yet to have a bottle slip its moorings.

The tiny pocket in the front is supposedly for tablets, but I don’t use tablets so I just bung a couple quids in there to have handy should I encounter an ice-cream van on my LSRs – Which has indeed happened on occasion. Hmmm, ice cream!


Front Pocket

Front Pocket (Click to Enlarge)

The Rear pocket is actually two compartments, a clippy thing for your keys, and an ID tag to scrawl down emergency details. There’s just enough room in here for a small camera, or possibly a phone, though it’s not water proof, so you need to exercise caution.

Back Pocket

Back Pocket (Click to Enlarge)

The flap on the rear pocket fastens with velcro and seems to be really quite secure as long as you’re not overloading it too much.

Back pocket

Back pocket closed (Click to Enlarge)

Final Verdict: 2x300ml = 600ml is not quite enough water for a very long LSR when the temperature gets up a bit, in the spring it’s fine, but for longer runs in the summer I think I’d need to be using something else. The rear pocket is really not quite the right size for anything I’d want to carry, so I’m not sure how they decided to size it. Luckily after much effort I now own several sets of shorts with lots of pockets and I have other places to stash my Jellybabies. In all other respects the Nathan belt is great, great fit, great comfort, durable. It does what it’s supposed to. I like it.