The New Mizuno EVO minimal range

Since my transition to midfoot form / minimal trainers and my recent run of form. It was only a matter of time until a succumb to the lure of a pair of Racers. So, with that in mind, I have decided to try the new Mizuno EVO range.

There are two trainers in the range :-

Wave EVO Levitas a mere 8mm sole 0mm drop and 200grams – AKA my new racing shoes

Wave EVO Cursoris a thicker 12mm sole 0mm with slightly more cushion– AKA my training shoe.

Last night I tried the Cursoris on an 8.5 mile club run. This blog is merely a quick first impression of how they look and feel. (I will let you know more after a few more outings).

First impression on looks., Well they are not shy are they! Vibrant Orange / Silver and Anthracite are the official colours. My eyes only see Vibrant Orange and if I am brutally honest, it looked as if I had a pair of Crocs on my feet! But who cares about colour. They will be muddy soon anyway!

Ok straight out of the box and straight on to my feet. WOW, they feel like slippers. Really comfy, extremely lite and the 12mm of rubber on the bottom is pitched just right. On the one hand you can feel the ground make up (I know I know hippy mode again) but on the other hand, you sense that little bit of cushion / protection and feel all safe.

With regards to sizing I am a 9 and they are perfect. By that I mean you wouldn’t what to do this half a size bigger malarkey. There is a good thumb width at the end but the material is such, that there is plenty of give anyway. I would say that the toe box is HUGE. However, this I feel has been done on purpose so your foot can spread and do what your foot was designed to do (slipped into ‘Born to Run’ mode there). Rather than constrained and lased in tight.

I must admit, I was expecting my foot to move all over the place but once I started running it just felt perfect. They are very flexible so a great ride. As yout foor strikes, your toes spread and the flexible make up allows a good lift off. What I found most interesting is that when I run over 5 (ish) miles. I always get a couple of rubs on my feet, nothing major, always in the same spots due to just the way I run I guess I have always had it. What was interesting the material was so forgiving and lite weight, this didn’t occur! Or if it did, the material was such that it wasn’t harsh enough to have any affect. The downside to that is that the life span of these trainers might not be good.

I guess it is a case of hardy trainer that is not as comfy VS A slipper like trainer but will not last as long. If it’s your hobby, I guess we take comfy every time right?

So to conclude these are Beauty and the Beast.

Absolutely Beauties to run in and are like slippers


Beast of a colour and look more like a pair of Crocs. But who cares if they feel great.

Can’t wait to try the racers at next week’s Brighton Half